Jest to lista najczęściej zadawanych pytań, pogrupowanych w kategorie, abyś szybko znalazł to, czego potrzebujesz 😉 . Wiem, że i tak niewielu z Was to przeczyta, ale spróbuję co nieco opisać 😉 .

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  1. The 2020011.1 client has a help item about tabs but it links to the old website.
    What about tabs?

    1. First of all, update client to the latest version (at the time of writing it is 20200130). Second, seems like original author of that awesome WindowTabs program does not provide binaries anymore, howewer, you can try a build from this repository. Third, follow this tutorial.

  2. Okno dialogowe z logowaniem do FB: wyskakuje komunikat z FB, ze ta przegladarka nie jest obslugiwania. klient 20200215 x64.

    1. Dzięki za info. Wiem o tym, ale to nie przeszkadza w logowaniu jak na razie ;). Problem jest w kontrolce WebBrowser (silnik IE), która jest wykorzystywana do logowania przez FB i „przedstawia się” nie wiadomo czemu jako stara wersja IE. Dopóki działa to nie mam zamiaru tego poprawiać ;). Jeśli przestanie to proszę o komentarz. Pozdrawiam!

      1. No właśnie nie działa dlatego wstawił ten komentarz. Nie mozna się zalogować. Wyskakuje OKNO dialogowe loguje się facebook po czym przekierowuje na stronę Legend Online i nic się nie dzieje.

    1. If you’re asking about Turkish Legend Online published by OASIS then yes, it’s already there ;). Select 'lotr’ next to 'server’ field in login dialog.

      1. How can I send you Turkish translation files? I couldn’t reach you from TS, couldn’t found you to be exact.

  3. I tried to reach you with TeamSpeak but I had no idea what I was doing and couldn’t find you 🙂
    I translated the game to my native language as someone from my tribe requested it. Is there a possibility you could add the files to your client so everybody will have access another language support? And if you could how could I reach you to send the files?

  4. my client user interface has got all messed up after a windows update. the information you had in the lower left ie the people you give credits for helping you is now smashed into where you had the dropdowns for login information and the connect button is missing. i have deleted the client re-downloaded the 64bit client and the 32 bit client but the user interface is still messed up tried reintall and delete several times it still has my login info in the client from before even tho it a new install. tried clearing the client cache and tried mini cache settings run registry clean several times also. still wont clear out the old client

    1. Sounds like you have DPI scaling enabled in your system. Currently, client does not correctly scale/layout its controls when you have scaling enabled. Howewer, if you have Windows 10, you can override scaling behavior, but client can look blurry. Follow these steps.

  5. Hello,
    Just a quick question. When i go into the mini-cache settings, under network there are two sections as follows: Speed and Lag. The speed part i get, but what about the Lag part? What is the recommended setting for it – low or high? Obviously if it was lag we would all want it as low as possible, but i have a feeling it means something else here.
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi! Lag setting just adjusts cache’s timeouts when contacting game server. If your connection to game sarver has low lag (say, max 50ms) then you can try 'Low’, if it has high lag (say, above 300-500ms) then you probably want to set it 'High’ to prevent incomplete downloads of game resources. Same for speed part, if your connection to game server (not to your ISP, fiber optic 1Gbps can be too slow 😉 depends on path to game server) is fast, you want more parallelism (more files downloaded at the time), on the other side, if you have slow connection, you want to complete downloads serially (one-after-another). You need to experiment with these settings to get best experience. Aggressive caching can help too (even on fast connection) ;). Aggressive pipelining can help on slower connection, but may or may not hurt faster ones.

      1. no you don’t understand me. I can’t login legend online tr on your client but i can login legend online own client so the problem is in your client. please fix it.

        1. Then clear cache – use link at bottom right corner of login screen… Check FAQ (esp #3.2, you can use google translate). Next time be more specific what exactly does not work and what you tried…

  6. Mam zapytanie czy da się zajrzeć w tym programie jakie jest hasło logowania które jest wpisane?
    Mam ten rejestrator i wpisane 2 konta , mogę się logować ale hasła wyparowały z głowy (roczna przerwa)

  7. Hi brov, I am going to ask something about playing legend online on your good launcher with google accounts, firstly, I want to tell you what I have done so far, I binded my google account, got a new pw and email, btw I can log on anywhere with those new email and pw, but when I try to log on on your launcher, 7ROAD loaging page comes and closes after a few seconds and gives me an error tab. That tab says: „Login faled 🙁 Server response: 200 OK” So I searched for a solution on this website and tried two things: 1) clearing cache without unticking „only old items”
    2) wrote in a textbox in the minicache settings that, under „.wartune.com” line, „lotr.oasgames.com”, without quotes of course :). Those two solutions did not work for me and my friend so far, still gives same error message: „server response: 200 OK”. Please, can you help me with it? I am looking forward to reading your answer, keep up great work 🙂

      1. Thanks a lot brov, for the attendig our problem and the solution. From now on, I will be following the updates more frequently 😀

  8. Mam problem z wlaczeniem gry przez klienta o nazwie ,, Logowanie nie udalo sie..”
    Serwer odpowiedzial:{”status”:”fail”,”err_code”:-1,”err_msg”:”ClassSebastianBergmann\\GlobalState\\RuntimeException does not exist
    Socket status:0 Nieznany blad

    PRosilbym o szybka pomoc 😀

  9. Klient do Legend Online wymaga Flash Playera (zarówno przy logowaniu przez email, jak i fb), którego nie mogę nigdzie ściągnąć. Czy jest jakiś sposób, żeby ominąć jego użycie? (Mam win10)

        1. Nie wiem co masz na mysli, ale pewnie chodzi Ci o czarny ekran. W oknie logowania masz po prawej link 'czyszczenie pamieci podrecznej’, kliknij go i odhacz 4-ty haczyk i daj mu robic, bedzie git.

  10. Hello brov. again now, I installed brov client’s v.2021-1010 x64bit. Why have I uninstalled.? Because, I have pushed on keyboard to a thing, that i dont know which button, my screen started to go crazy. lines appeared on the screen. I restarted the client but it didn’t work. scaling or what I opened it seems.. But I don’t know how to turn on scaling. anyway, my question was that in the previous version it showed ram info at the top but when I installed this there is no such thing. how can i see this ram info again ? Good Works. Have a nice day. Best Regards.

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